Washable Nappy Range

MuslinZ washable nappy range covers all you require to Cloth Nappy from Birth to Potty Training. Easy to use, simple to wash and quick to dry. This range is a low cost alternative to single use disposables and more costly Modern cloth nappies. Good for baby, Good for the Planet and good for your pocket!

See our blog for how to use: https://www.muslinz.com/?p=288

The MuslinZ nappy wrap has been designed to be used with MuslinZ prefolds, Terry Squares and folded muslin squares. Made with quality PUL in our ISO and Oeko-Tex certified factory.

Size 1 wrap is perfect from newborn – approx. 6 months. To use with size 1 prefolds, 50cms terries or a folded 70cms muslin square. You can use traditional terry folds with a fastener (Nippa) or Just padfold the chosen inner and place under the flap at the front and back of the wrap to hold in place and fasten the wrap with the adjustable poppers. This wrap has a double gusset design so gives that extra space for inners and the extra security against leaks. With an elasticated back of the wrap and around the legs the wrap is comfortable and well fitting.

Size 2 wrap is from approx. 6 months – approx. 30 months or potty training. To use with size 2 /3 prefolds, 60cm and 70cms terries. This wrap has the same design features as the size 1 with added benefit of one rise adjustment so it will grow with your child.

100% Cotton quality multi-layered muslin prefolds available in white and natural unbleached 100% Organic Cotton. Sizes include Newborn (size 1) prefolds at 11×14 inches, Infant (size 2) at 12×17 inches and Large (size 3) at 15x20inches, perfect for use as nappies with a fastener and padfolded as inserts. The Newborn prefold also makes an excellent booster for older babies. Prewash once before use (Short 40c wash) to remove manufacturing residue and ready them for use. You will see their texture change to a more uneven surface which increases the absorbency – this will reduce the sizing by approx 5-10%.

50% Bamboo 50% Organic Cotton Terry Squares in sizes 20cms, 50, 60cms and 70cms. Soft and absorbent. 20cms is Perfect for use as face cloths and wipes and newborn nappy booster, 50cms for Newborn cloth nappies , 60cms BTP sizing and 70cms for toddlers. In addition to using as reusable washable nappies the 60 & 70cms make great small towels, changing mat covers, burp cloths and general mopping up cloths. And don’t forget the Wet bags to store your cloth until washing.


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