Quality And Affordability

Muslin products are all the same – or are they? So many people expect all brands of Muslin Squares to basically be the same but they REALLY are not. We sold other brands of muslin squares for a number years before we began our MuslinZ journey. We found that over time the quality of the muslin available to us was getting worse. The fabric was thinner, shrinking and scrunching up when washed and generally not very soft. We decided we could do better and wanted to supply our customers with good quality muslin at an affordable price. Muslin fabric should not be expensive but it should be soft, thick enough to absorb and not shrink to half its size and mis-shape when washed. We worked hard to find a factory that could consistently make our MuslinZ to the high quality we wanted. We also wanted to ensure that any factory we used would have good working and environmental conditions. This we feel we have achieved. Our factory is ISO certified and Oeko-Tex 100 certified. In 2018 our factory will also be expanding its green credentials and is working towards an even more green and environmentally friendly factory. Yet still we offer MuslinZ at an affordable price for all. We are very proud of that.

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