New MuslinZ Swaddles

We have had such a positive response to our new Bird Print that we are extending the range! We have larger 100% Swaddling MuslInZ in stock now! They are 90cms x 100cms and will be available in a two pack – One Bird and One Spot design.

The Swaddles are in a high weight MuslinZ fabric – that is not see through (as so many other brands are these days) and does not wrinkly up when washed.

The additional new larger size will be perfect for swaddling with many other uses such as:

  • – Fabulous Bath Towel – as our MuslinZ fabric is so absorbent and soft
  • – Breast feeding Cover up
  • – Small Light weight blanket for Card Seat, Moses Basket, Pram
  • – Changing Mat Cover
  • – Play Mat

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