New MuslinZ Prefold

We know that many of you use the MuslinZ squares as newborn nappies so we thought we would make it easier for you!

We have launched a prefold muslinz nappy in two sizes – The newborn (size 1) prefolds are 11×14 inches and the infant (size 2) are 12x17inches. They are 4/6/4 layers.  They are perfect for newborns and babies upto approx. 12 weeks. After that they can be used as booster and they can also be used as inserts in pockets so they are really versatile and can be used for a long time (even inside a trainer pant at night for extra absorbency) They are also really soft when washed so nice against babies skin and quick to dry.  I hope you like them we had really good feedback when we tested them.

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