MuslinZ Spring Into Action With New Violet Muslin Range

Baby accessories specialist MuslinZ has launched a Violet shade to their popular Cotton Muslin product range as part of its new Spring 2019 collection.

The new colour includes a purple and grey spot print, a purple and grey star print, as well as a plain purple muslin.The MuslinZ Violet launch follows the huge success of the MuslinZ Mint range launched last year.

Caroline Taylor, managing director from MuslinZ, said: “When we launched the Mint range in 2018, we had a lot of feedback from our lovely buyers saying that they loved having a gender-neutral muslin rather than just the traditional pink or blue. We feel the Violet muslin square coordinated very nicely with the Mint and could also be easily used with both genders. It’s a perfect way for our image-conscious parents to update their baby accessories without breaking the bank.”

The new Violet shade will be used across the entire 100 per cent Cotton Muslin range. It will adorn the 70x70cm Muslin Squares, the larger 90x100cm Swaddle wraps and the bandana style Dribble Bibs. It will also be released as a Hooded Towel which currently only come in the Mint Star design.

Caroline added: “Our hooded towel has been so popular following the launch six months ago. Parents are telling us it’s really absorbent, dries fast and is light and comfortable, and as well-being cute and cuddly of course! We launched the towel with just the Mint Star design and so now being able to offer it in the Violet Star too is very exciting; we think it will be lovely for parents to be able to have one of each colour for their little ones.” MuslinZ also produce luxury bamboo organic cotton muslin squares and have a reusable nappy range.

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