A Breadfeeding Must Have – Nursing Pads

Breast Feeding, even for a short time is shown to be beneficial to babies.  Some new mums can struggle with breast feeding and find the whole process quite daunting.  But with a little patience and time it can be very worthwhile.  It can be the best bonding time with your baby, knowing that you are give all the nutrients needed which helping reduce the risk infections, diarrhoea and vomiting. It can reduce mums risk of osteoporosis, breast and ovarian cancer, heart disease and obesity. And it is totally free and available 24/7.

There are a few must haves to help with breast feeding. A breast pump is always useful for expressing when you have excess milk or want to have a feed available when you are not there or want to let Dad give a feed. Muslin squares, either 70cms or larger for covering up when feeding. If you feel you want a little more privacy just drape over the shoulder and down over baby feeding. They are also great for mopping up dribbles and burping after a feed. A good chair or cushion for you to sit on comfortably or to lay baby on is also a great idea. An essential must have are nursing pads or breast pads.

Nursing Pads or Breast pads are worn in your bra to catch leaks so avoiding any embarrassing wet patches on your clothing. It is a cloth pad worn against the nipple and breast of a nursing mother to absorb any milk that may leak between feedings. It is inserted between the bra and the breast. Disposable pads are available but tend to be flat so not to stay in place. They are one use  only so can work out an expensive option. Reusable cloth pads can be washed and used over. These are less expensive over time and a more eco-friendly option. Changing the pads when it is wet will keep the nipple clean and dry.

MuslinZ Washable breast pads are super absorbent more eco-friendly, comfortable and cost effective alternative which also sit in your bra similar to the disposable versions.  Muslinz breast pads are 11cm diameter shaped pads so sit more comfortably, are less likely to move, so feeling more secure and protected from leaks. It is made from 2 layers of soft unbleached 50% Bamboo 50% Cotton terry with a waterproof PUL backing. Soft and silky against tender nipples a more natural fabric against the skin. Designed to work for maximum efficiency, easy to machine wash and dry. Available now.

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