10 Unusual Essentials To Survive Week 1 With A Newborn

Everyone knows the basic list of items to purchase when you’re pregnant ready to survive that first week with your baby; you get given suggested lists with your Bounty pack, it’s discussed at your ante-natal classes and the internet is full of ideas. But these are the things that you might not have heard before or the little quirks on the traditional items that are oh-so-important in that first week:

1) Bottled Water – If you’re breastfeeding you very quickly discover the insatiable thirst that hits you the second your baby latches on and starts to feed. Invariably you won’t have a glass of water by your side and it’s oh so much easier to just grab a bottle of water and have an eager gulp – keep them right next to your favourite breastfeeding spots throughout the house.

2) Freezer Full of Meals – Cooking will very likely be your last priority but building your strength back up post-birth is vital, batch cook in advance (or get grandparents and willing friends to help) and fill up that freezer.

3) Scratch Mitts – While you may have heard that you won’t really use scratch mitts, I definitely beg to differ in the very early weeks. Your baby will very likely to born with long nails (especially if they are overdue) and cutting them is one of the scariest things in the world! Put this off for a while by putting scratch mitts on them so they can’t scratch their lovely soft skin.

4) Quality Muslins Squares – Before you have a baby, you think that you just need to have a couple of muslins squares to dab that little bit of milk with; then post-birth you realise with a shock just how much actually gets thrown at a muslin square, just how many times they’ll be washed, and just how many bodily fluids (and solids!) they’ll come into contact with! Then you realise how utterly essential it is to have a quality muslin square. One that is soft and stays soft, one that’s super-absorbent and doesn’t lose its shape, and one that doesn’t wrinkle. Enter MuslinZ, you need look no further.

5) A Variety of Babygros – In the early days, the amount and variety of baby poo is likely to be rather surprising! Plus, you’re probably not the expert nappy fastener yet that you will become, so regular leakage is rather likely. Buy cheap babygros in bulk and you won’t mind too much if they end up in the bin. Just make sure you also have some super-beautiful ones too to change your baby into when visitors line up for cuddles. Also make sure they are 100% cotton so they’re soft on babies skin.

6) Thermos Flask or Heat Insulated Mugs – There’s something uplifting and healing about a hot cup of tea or coffee when you’re tired and your world has been turned upside down by the most wonderful little bundle you’re ever laid eyes on. Making them, even if there are two or more of you, is more of a challenge and the chance of them being hot while you have time to drink them is almost nil! The solution is a large thermos flask or heat insulated mug; bliss!

7) Cotton Wool Pads or Terry Wipes – While you almost certainly have wipes on your list, in the early days your babies skin needs the very gentlest treatment so make sure you have cotton wool pads or better still use reusable Terry wipes in a natural bamboo cotton mix as they’re extra soft on newborn skin as well as being eco-friendly.

8) More Maternity Pads than you’ll ever think you’ll need – You’re bound to have maternity pads on your list but trust me, you’ll need way more than you think you will (don’t think too much about why at this stage!). Top tip; for the entire length of your pregnancy, save any knickers with holes in that you would otherwise throwaway, they make perfect one-wear knickers post birth and are a much more comfortable option that the disposable ones that are available.

9) Combined Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash – Combining your shampoo, conditioner and body wash into a single product saves precious minutes and might just make the difference between you being able to face that shower or avoiding it altogether; while some pyjamas days are essential, it’s very restorative to feel clean and sparkly again and just a bit more like your normal self.

10) A Helper! – And no, I don’t just mean Dad as he’ll be busy enough with nappy changes, washing, bonding with his new child and dealing with you. This is one of those times in your life when if ANYONE offers help, take it. A helper can make all other 9 points on this list so much easier and be there to support you all emotionally too, and it’s a win-win as they’ll love those precious early cuddles.

About Muslinz

With a tighter weave and heavier weight, MuslinZ premium muslin squares are of a higher quality than most available on the market, yet still available at a great price.

For more information about the Muslinz range which also includes swaddles, dribble bibs, reusable wipes and Terry squares, visit www.muslinz.com

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